Volardorsal Pip Splint

Volar and Dorsal Pip Splint

This workshop is for the intermediate-advanced orthosis fabricator (splinter) (OT, PT, CHT) who is already fabricating dynamic/mobilization orthoses (splints). Learn quick and effective, cost-saving tricks including how to combine dynamic and static-progressive components on one orthosis (splint) OR how to combine flexion and extension on one orthosis (splint)! Play with several different thermoplastics and thermotubes.

Get out of your orthotic fabrication(splinting) rut with this workshop! Have hours of fabrication time with the chance for you to direct your learning experience! Variations of the orthoses (splints) listed below will be available as directed by the group! The maximum class size is 6 with 1 instructor.


  • Advanced orthosis fabrication (splinting) biomechanics
  • Wound healing and tissue response to orthotic fabrication (splinting)
  • Analysis of the stiff hand
  • Static-progressive vs. dynamic vs. serial cast
  • Methods of force measurement

LABS / DEMONSTRATIONS from the following list:

  • Tools, materials, application of orthosis fabrication (splinting) biomechanics
  • IP mobilization orthosis (splint)-extension/flexion
  • Composite finger flexion orthosis (splint)
  • Active Redirection/Relative Motion orthosis-PIP joint flexion/extension
  • Brand sling and modified brand sling
  • Wrist mobilization orthosis (splint)-extension
  • Thumb immobilization orthosis (splint)


  • Apply wound healing and scar formation principles when designing/utililizing mobilization orthoses
  • Describe principles of mechanics specific to all types of orthoses
  • Describe the principles involved in utilizing mobilization traction and force measurement
  • Describe the differing orthotic approaches for acute vs. chronic stiff hand
  • Design and fabricate several orthoses that may include finger, thumb and wrist


8:30-10:30 Lecture
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12 noon Fabrication of PIPJ Mobilization orthosis (splint)
Lunch on your own
1-3 Fabrication of one or more orthoses chosen by participants from the list
3-3:15 Break
3:15-5:00 Fabrication of one of more orthoses chosen by participants from the list


7 hours approved by CBOT for AP in hand therapy (12-H9)
7 hours by the CA PT Board pending


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