Host A Workshop

Your facility may host a 1 or 2 day splinting workshop for your staff only. Your staff may design the contents of the workshop and pick a weekday or weekend of their choice. The facility requirements include a room large enough for all your staff to attend a powerpoint presentation. In addition, this room or another room is required to have enough table top/counter top space for 3-4 splinting stations. Each splinting station requires one heat pan and one heat gun (15.5 Amps total). This room must have enough circuits to allow all splinting stations to be used all day. In addition, the facility will supply all necessary A-V equipment.

The Fee for this workshop will include the instructor’s travel costs, speaker’s fee and splinting materials / equipment. To defray your costs, you may market to others in your area.

Upon agreement of all details, a contract will be sent to the facility administration for signature. One staff person will be responsible to be the liaison between the facility and the instructor, and will assist the instructor in all details in preparation for the workshop.

Thank you for your interest!

Contact Paul for more details.